G. Nathan England

Artist Statement

All of the works I render start out as an intuitive reaction to images and symbolism.  I select images, cognizant of their potential for implication and interpretation.  I then place works in ordered composition in order to strengthen their potential for creating context and content.

When digital photography is the initial instrument for observation, I use the viewfinder to select and place information into order. Compositions are made quickly and reactively, which means it is critical to distill the contents of an image succinctly.  The photograph either stands alone as a straight image or becomes a starting point for further explorations using any combination of image transfer processes, digital media, painting, construction, and any other necessary means to further the work.  In all cases, the aim is to concentrate on my surroundings and reduce the environment around me in order to separate information from its existent surroundings and create new relationships.

When working with collage and image appropriation, the compositions produced are more meditative. I have more time to arrange and rearrange information, more time to contemplate placement, color, and other elements in order to create the substance of each piece.  All manner of images and material are employed.

My ongoing body of work encompasses both enigmatic and pointed subjects and messages. I feel as though everything that surrounds us informs us of our collective nature. I use these manifestations to explore fundamentals of human nature: how we know ourselves and view others, the methods we use to propagate and manufacture values and desires, how we are manipulated, how we manipulate others, and how we relate to our environments, our present, and our past.


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